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December 2002

Hash 57 - Tibbets State Park, Hoosick, NY

When: September 20, 2003
Where: Tibbets State Park, NY
Hare: McCavity
Scribe: Sperm Bank

In a moment of drunkedness, Sperm Bank agreed to be hash scribe and his first dispatch follows: Twelve hashers and Laurel, the hash dog, trekked thirty miles east of town (are we there, yet?) for the 57th hash. The ever wily McCavity had laid yet another shigapalooza through Tibbets State Park. While the pack exercised in the drizzle, the hare took off. Then as the sun peeked out, the pack followed, baying down the embankment from the parking turn off.

The trail started (and never ended) through beautiful woods full of ferns and shrubs and flowers. The hare led the hounds through a stream and up a steep hill three times before they found true trail. Either the hare was very clever or the hounds were extremely stupid. But with a merry shout of 'ON-ON' the pack continued through the woods and up and down and up and down and up and down until the beer check. Having almost caught the hare, McCavity joined the pack for the beer check where everyone was treated to THFKAD and Sperm Bank's tribute to Johnny Cash.

Then it was on and on and on through the woods, even happening on a woodland crime scene, where ertwhile forensic investigators Socratease and Noname Carie determined the skeleton was that of a deer. The trail finally ended at a trail head after 3.5 miles through the woods. After the pack vainly searched for the beer for many thirsty minutes, rescue came when McCavity drove up with two coolers and bags of chips.

Ceremonies started with Noname Steve (veteran of one Ft. Walton, Fla., hash) down-downing for FRB. He manfully reprised his down-down as the run's only new boot (yes, the Internet made him come). Dirtbag earned DAL for coming in last after molesting several trees on trail. Noname Craig, Spaceman, Socratease (who came by herself for the very first time!), and Jellyfish down-downed for seldom seen. Dirtbag reprised for crimes against the hash for using technology on trail (unsuccessfully) claiming his GPS wouldn't work due to tree cover.

Ceremonies were quickly concluded for the pack to adjourn to the local pub, the Man of Kent. Suprisingly, there's an English pub and a cricket field in the middle of nowhere New York. After a few pints of good English beer, some excellent sandwiches, good conversation, and some restrained hash singing (didn't want to scare the civilians), the pack retired before dark, looking forward to the next hash in Amsterdam, October 11.

From the Troy, NY Police Blotter: Several unruly, obnoxious customers were escorted from the Troy Salvation Army, Saturday September 20th at 6:03PM. Reports of public urination, public nudity in the aisles, and poor taste in lingerie. Individuals were released ROR. Shaken clerks closed store early. Closed.


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