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If corn oil comes from corn, where does baby oil come from?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002


Melody - Ball of Ballyknure
Composed by Dr D, Ft Eustis HHH

Four and twenty virgins,
Came out to this old hash,
And when the hash was over,
There were four and twenty less.

Singing, balls to your partner,
Arse against the wall.
If ye canna get laid at this old hash
Ye'll never get laid at all.

This fine young virgin SHE was there,
She had drank a bit too much,
Showing us her titties,
But sayin' we couldna touch.

This cocky virgin HE was there,
Drinking Old Milwaukee's Best,
Showing the girls his tiny dick,
The girls they weren't impressed.

This other virgin SHE was there,
Talkin' 'bout givin' head,
But when it came to swallowin',
She would spit instead.

This other virgin HE was there,
Askin' 'bout toe sucks,
The harriettes frowned and then they said,
"What do you want for three bucks?"

The other virgin SHE was there,
Givin' us all a great view,
While dancing on the table,
She said she'd do the crew.

This other virgin HE was there,
Getting drunk as he could be,
And by the time the circle broke up,
He'd pissed a gallon of pee.

This fine young virgin SHE was there,
With legs all firm and tan,
Her shorts rode up her ass so tight,
They squeaked whenever she ran.

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