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So, two people is a Twosome and three people is a Threesome. Now I understand why people call you "handsome"
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Hashers Enjoy Porn

Hashers Enjoy Porn
By PigFucker
(To the tune of Riders on the Storm by The Doors)

There's a Piggy on the road
his balls are filled with heavy load
it's mardi gras weekend
find a bimbo to befriend
if you give this girl your bone
make her whimper beg and moan
there's a Piggy on the road

Krusty's gotta bring his guns
she is squirming on his tongue
take a long holiday
let the cougars play
her daughter is no use it's the mom who brings the juice
Krusty's looking for some fun

Ub just got some drinks for free
was it two or was it three
transformed a three beer queer
oh no he's dancing near
he be happy to make out but his pants are inside out
got some drinks for free

Goat Throat loves spicy food
Fartin, Shittin', bein' rude
There's a fire in his hole
There's a dark spot on his soul
If a cuddle goes awry
He'll be back to dating guys
Goat Throat loves some meaty tools

Hashers enjoy porn
Hashers enjoy porn
Hashers are forlorn
Hashers sometimes scorned
Hashers enjoy porn

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