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If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Hash 73 - Van Schaick Island, NY

When: June 5, 2004
Where: Van Schaick Island
Hare: Dirtbag
Scribes: Astro Homo
Hare - Dirtbag
FRB - not me
DAL - Comes in April
Hashit - Sperm bank for wearing his hat in the cirlce again.

Stinky queef lead hash arobics and tripped over is chalk. He ended up with a dinosaur egg on his ankle.
Francis took most of the pictures.
The reporter.
Stickly Buns over achieved for running the "Womens run for Bread" earlier that morning.

Touch Down Jesus brought her irish ass to the show.
Pontiius Penis made his brother Jake come.
Pop Top kept us in line.
Yours truly.
And some reporter who doesn't know that you shouldn't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Even though the hash was too long, too much shiggly, too urban, too short, not enough shiggy, and out in the middle of nowhere we all managed to have fun.

Dirtbag loves alley ways.

There was one section for some reason I was in front but I ran out of flower. I turn around and there is everyone looking at me for direction. I'm thinking this is the wrong way but then I see a car sneak out of an alley and I yell trails over there. We all take off running up this alley but there is no powder. Francis kept running but the rest of us turned and looked the other way to a well marked trail in the other direction. How did we miss it the first 2 times.

We crossed through the creak on and off Simmons Island, and Francis did a mooses caboose on trail.

Next Hash Exit 18 of the Northway bring swim suit deat mountain bike for afterward and a canoe if you have one.


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