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If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Hash 61 - Jingle Bell, Saratoga Springs, NY

When: December 13, 2003
Where: Saratoga Springs, NY (More bars per capita than anywhere else)
Hare: THFKAD, McCavity
Scribe: THFKAD

Bars hit

The Station (Hash year in Review)

Moriarty's (Christmas shots, Reading: Da Ni be 4 Cridmas)

Tin & Lint (Naming: Steve to Stinky Queef)

Clancy's (Reading: Santa's Had It)

False Trail

The Alley (Naming: Carie to Peace O'Chum)

Trotters (Introducing Virgin Dan)

Walk through the park

E. O'Dwyers (Naming: Andrew to Dr Queer, Medicine Man. Presentation of "Plays with his tool on Trail" Award to Dirtbag for creating Halve Mein HHH.)

On-After: Sutter's in Albany. The die hards hit one more bar.

Happy Holidays!


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