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December 2002

Hash 54 - Peebles Island

When: July 12, 2003

Where: Mostly Water, NY

Hare: Astro Homo

Hash Trash Reported in Bangkok HHH Newsletter by On-Sec Sugar Daddy:

Halve Mein HHH Run 54, Saturday July 12th.

I found an upstate New York hash, based in Half Moon, New York on the internet while vacationing here. I had lived in the Albany area before moving/retiring to Bangkok. This group – its name a play on “If you have half a mind to run the hash, that’s all you need.” runs about every three or four weeks – some are bike runs. The town of Half Moon is in the area, where the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers meet – old Henry Hudson sailed his boat (the Half Moon) from Europe many moons ago and after naming the river after himself, stopped here – thus named Half Moon, the furthest point you can go upriver. Since he was employed by the Dutch, he claimed the land for them. He did not find better beer in America at that time, but you do today.

I didn’t know quite what to expect. The website listed members of the management committee. I was looking forward to meeting Psychoholic Slut, Dirtbag, Sperm Bank, Astro Homo, Pubic Chin, Flip top Fag [ED: Shame to those mentioned but weren't even there!], and THFNAD [ED: THFKAD] (which I later found meant ‘the hasher formally known as Don’) It did sound a little like a boy’s day out kind of group rather than a traditional hash, but it turned out to be a great group of people – displaying true hash spirit.

About a dozen guys, two dogs and one woman, finally arrived and we headed off on a live hare run. The hare, Astro Homo, set off with a huge rubber duffle bag to lay a trail in flour and chalk. A bit more than a hare needs to carry I thought. I was told the runs were usually 45 minutes. This one turned out to be different. We crossed the Hudson River and headed through a small community finally arriving at river’s edge again. There was a canoe to take us across, a few at a time. Beer was available while you waited. I spotted a bridge a short was upriver and headed for it. It was under construction/ reconstruction, but looked safer then the canoe option. I made it across. Once on the island, we headed off through some beautiful territory. Partly along the river, sometimes 20 meters above it on the path, very nice territory. Eventually we came to a spot where we had to cross, “ON ON” clearly seen in flour 200 meters across the shallow rapids. A rather tedious journey over slippery rocks – aided by the more sure footed “Dirtbag”, the GM of the HMHHH. I made it, had another beer while waiting for everyone – the two dogs were carried - to cross. Off we went on another island in the Mohawk River. Eventually we came back to the river where a swim was needed to follow the trail (the need for the rubber duffle bag). I headed for another bridge a ways down river which took me to the end of the trail. I was out about two hours. Beer (good small contract brewery brews) and snacks available – this hash had a tradition of M&M’s, as well as the usual chips and pretzels.

The circle was eventually called, guests other than myself , included Jellyfish – a fella who had run many times in Penang and other Asian cities. He’ll visit us when he passes through Bangkok next. The individual who finished DAL – “dead ass last” was given a down down, from a toilet plunger [ED: Actually, DAL (Sperm Bank) drank a Three Stooges Ale. It's our HASH-it (Dirtbag) who got to drink from the plunger]. The On On On was onsite with hamburgers and hot dogs. A very, very pleasant afternoon. Thanks to the HMHHH. I volunteered to do a run for them next year when I return.


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