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December 2002

No, no, no. Run it again.

When: June 2, 2002

Where: RPI, Troy

Hare: McCavity

Dear Dirt Bag,

I am ready to hare. 12:00 june 23 at grafton lakes park. I checked it out today and it is a wonderful place to hash. Route 7 east out of troy. Pass Walmart pass 142 pass the brunswick fire house. turn right on 278. drive to route 2 turn left and drive east for awhile you will enter the town of grafton. Grafton State Park is on the left but there is a right hand turn off to get into the park. Meet at the beach house at long pond. It cost $6.00 per car so car pool if neccessary.

Please don't fool with the web site. Sunday we hashed at 11:00 but were hanging out after the hash until 1:00pm. An out of towner showed up so we had to run the hash again. The out of towner was from Arizona and he got the time from the web site. He and his girl freind said they wanted to hash again on the 23.

The hare was mcavity. It was a short hash, but he managed to nearly kill us on a busy street anyway by crossing the street without any flour markers. Space Mann was DAL on the first running but FRB on the second running. Fliptop fag was the FRB on the first hash, and check out my falis was DAL on the second running. Hashit goes to brian for having a dry hash and then not showing up to claim his just deserts. Babit was there. I can't remeber her name but it is african for bullshit. Laurel and Hardly moving did the hash three times once as hare and twice as a true hound. I have forgotten the other females name as well but she is from North Adams MA the candlestick bowling capital of the Berkshires.

Hope you had a good time in the caribean.

Take Care Mann,

Space, Stand-In Hash Scribe

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