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December 2002

Halve Mein Hash 273 - St Paddy's Day Hash - Albany, NY

When: March 14, 2009
Where: Albany, NY
Scribe: PigFucker

Hare: Sperm Bank, Stickley Bunz

Halve Mein: Dirtbag, Dairy Pop Queen Top, Willie Wanker & CF, Dr Queer, PigF*cker, Rainer Queer, Kok Koozie, 6.9 on the Rectum Scale, Seize Her Cooch, Super Flaggot, DeciBelle, Redtail Swallows, Hounds: Black Bawling Bitch, Just Kaylis, Virgin Kathleen, Virgin Kristin, Virgin Dave, Latecomers: Ponchis Penis, Touchdown Jesus

Happy Valley: Big Piles

DaPitts: Text it up the Ass

Howdy Wanks! It was great to see you all outside, wearing the green for the annual St Paddy's Day Hash. Many thanks to Sperm Bank and Stickly Bunz for opening their home and kitchen to the hash. A wonderful on-after spread of corned beef and cabbage, potatos, salad, and cake awaited a hungry pack.

With all the pre-parade drinking activities, I think that the general population was outfitted even more ridiculously than the hash usually is. On more than one occasion, hashers took the wrong turn because they thought that they were following the pack, but it turned out be civilians wearing deeley boppers, funny hats, and beads.

(Now that I think of it, Deeley Bopper aka Glitter Balls, would make a good hash name. Ah, who am I kidding - Glitter Balls is a better hash name.)

Despite the green theme, you hashers decided red would be a terrific accessory. To whit: The several gingers present in the pack, Piggy's legs, Sperm Bank's face, and Just Dave's sphincter.

Tivoli Park in the spring has never looked better. I hope no one stepped on a needle. Bonus - we didn't get anything thrown at us when we ran through the Bleeker neighborhood (this time.)

Santa's Slimey Sheets modeled the new hash tartan kilt. Any hasher can wear it proudly. Get thee one!

Shitty Trail: Sperm Bank, Stickly Bunz
FRB: Rainer Queer
FBI: Virgin Kathleen
DAL: 6.9
Hashit: Redtail (Also rans: Piggy, Virgin Kathleen, Dirtbag, Sperm Bank
Visitors: Happy Valley, DaPitts
Allouette: Virgin Kathleen, Virgin Kristin, Virgin Dave


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