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Would a fly without wings be called a walk?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Halve Mein Hash 152 - Know Peace, No Chum - Goodbye to Chum Hash - Schodack, NY

When: May 27, 2006
Where: Schodack Town Park, Schodack, NY
Scribe: Dirtbag

Hare: Peace O'Chum

Halve Mein: Dirtbag, All Holes Hoping + Virgin, McCavity, Poptop, Willie Wanker & CF, Tubslut, Dr Queer, Prickly Bush, Spank Bank, Bob Head, Laurel & Hardly Breathing, Ponchis Penis, Touchdown Jesus, Krusty the Meat Miser

Happy Valley: Canis Lickus, Cums on Vacation, Anti-Cock, Dewey Do Me, Zuni, Scruffy, Marquis De Brokeback

Boston: Friar Fuck

New York: Cider Man

Capital City: Poochie Hoochie

Another beautiful hashing day, but then again there isn't anything other than a beautiful hashing day!! The down side is we are saying see ya to a loyal Halve Meiner, Peace O Chum. The hash started as any other, with hounds straggling in for the start. Once everyone arrived, minus McCavity, who was overachieving by running from his house to the start, chalk talk was performed for our Virgin, and hasherobics was performed to Hi My Name is Joe. As explained during the chalk talk is was a cajun and dead hare trail, the first for the HMHHH, even though you would think otherwise. The hare guided the walkers while the runners took off following trail towards the park entrance, but stopping short of the road and turning into the woods. From here I don't have any idea what happened as I was a walker on this day. Walkers turned up the old dump road and up to the first alcohol check, where margaritas were the drink of the moment. After the alcohol check the trail thankfully went back into the woods and down a nice wooded trail to a song check. After the song check Chum wanted to lead the walkers down the path, but walkers insisted on following at least part of the true trail, group ruled and the true trail was followed down to the stream. I was feeling a little over heated and decided it was time to go into the stream and enjoy the cool waters of whatever stream this was. The runners came to a check point and true trail crossed the stream, at this point I stayed on the runners side of the trail, this worked out in my favor, because as I found out later the footing on the walkers trail left a lot to be desired. The virgin lost her shoe in the shoe sucking mud, fortunately for her somebody retrieved her shoe so that she could continue on trail. The running trail again crossed the stream and joined up with the walkers trail. Trail continued along the stream to the next alcohol check, it was at this point that we had some hashers decide it was time for a swim,sans clothes, their initials are All Holes Hoping, Tubslut, and Anti-Cock, did I say initials, oops sorry!! Unfortunately this is a public park and walking trail, not quite deserted and one poor hiker had to suffer the trauma of seeing three men swimming around naked, oh well, the things you see when you don't have a gun! After the mint schnapps flavored lime jello shots, hmm, hmmm good, trail continued back across the stream. The crossing took awhile as it was the first time in the water for some of the hashers and playing in the water is always in order for the first water crossing. The virgin looked awful warm so I attempted to cool her off with a splash or two or three, this led to more splashing and finally the virgin had enough and laid down in the cool water, while she was there she cleaned all the previously mentioned shoe sucking mud from said shoes. With everybody back on dry land trail continued back to the start. From here there were several caravans back to Casa del McCavity/Bodsah for circle and eats.

Shitty Trail: Peace O'Chum
FRB: Krusty MM
DAL: Bob Head, Virgin Amber
Hashit: McCavity
Analversary: Dr Queer (50) Bodsah (69)
Visitors: Boston, Capital City, Happy Valley, New York
New Shoes: Poochie Hoochie, AHH because he likes it
Good bye: Peace O'Chum
Allouette: Virgin Amber


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