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December 2002

Hash 125 - Pound my Bush and Dude Where's My Snatch Lay a trail - Albany, NY

When: November 9, 2005
Where: Albany, NY
Hares: Prickly Bush & Nice Snatch

Hounds: THFKAD, McCavity, Bodsa, Poptop, Laurel and Hardly Running,, Peace O’Chum, Astro Homo, All Holes Hoping, Willy W**ker, Dr Queer, Lickalotopus, Ewe Infected Me, Krusty the Meat Miser, Just Larry

Scribe: McCavity

Our shiny, newly minted hasher Prickly Bush (only one careful recent user) chose a fresh, new hash bar for this week’s start, that legend among the BEER community Mahars. What is a hasher to do when confronted by 300 beers? Leave the place and run? It seemed like a better idea to stay in the cosy confined with wind and rain outside but a little weather was not going to put us off. Even with a hare carrying a dainty flour bag containing not much flour.

Trail began with some confusion (nothing new there) before heading west on Madison and wandering here and there among residential areas. Most of the pack worked on looking for trail while Ewe Infected Me, Krusty and THFKAD did a bit of impromptu dumpster diving. After a while the pack found a song check at Buckingham Lake Pond (site of one of the hash’s earliest encounters with the Albany police) before heading out to New Scotland Ave and on to McCaffreys. This proved to be a fine Hash bar and a number of songs were sung at the request of the barman while several defenseless pitchers were summarily dispatched.

Once again out in the cold night trail headed back to Mahars invoking thoughts of an A to A run… but no. Trail headed onwards and while the sight of his car was too much temptation for Astro (who may have been avoiding taking a chance on losing his keys again – when they are in his pocket – with other hashers around) the rest of the pack continued. While the FRB’s continued on North Allen Street despite a lack of trail (by this time we were lucky to have any trail after the hares ran out of flour and had to use baby powder), Dr Queer sensibly headed straight to the Hare’s house arriving just before a desperately racing THFKAD. More racing occurred at the back of the pack with experienced near DAL Bodsa once again getting ahead of someone (anyone!) to avoid being DAL.

The pack was welcomed chez PB by some good food and some really bad beer left over from recent hashes. What do we think this is, a Boston trail? Circle was conducted before a few hardy souls headed back out to finish the evening in one last bar.

Awards and Down-downs were dispensed:

Hares: Prickly Bush, Nice Snatch
Lost Shit: Dr Queer for his costume, Bodsa for one glove that might belong to Stickley Bunz, All Holes Hoping for the other.
FRB – Dr Queer showing a remarkable ability to both know where his girl friend lives and to outrace (RACE!) THFKAD.
FBI – Peace O’Chum, with Bodsa drinking for using a nerd name.
DAL – Ewe Infected Me + Racing (Bodsa, THFKAD, Dr Queer) + overachieving in a half marathon (Peace O’Chum, Nice Snatch) + autohashing (Lickalotopus) and everyone else for something or other…social!
DAL (again) – Ewe Infected Me
Virgin – Larry, drinking with Poptop who was referenced in his email to the group (did not know the square root of 69, would get of on a bus full of Poptops, had all he could eat for under $1, was mounted by Bodsa).
Analversaries – Nice Snatch for 40, doubled up by Poptop with 80. Joined by other hare, Dr’s, married people.
Chimney mountain sort of hash event – THFKAD, Nice Snatch, Willy W**ker, Peace O’Chum
Pittsfield more beer event – Dr Queer, Prickly Bush, McCavity, Bodsa, Laurel and Hardly Running
Dumpster Diving – Ewe Infected Me, THFKAD, Krusty the Meat Miser
Pissing on trail – THFKAD, All Holes Hoping, Willy W**ker, Peace O’Chum, Ewe Infected Me, Dr Queer + Environmental disaster (Prickly Bush for dropping flour all over) + other hare + Drs + married people
Matching gear – THFKAD, Willy W**ker + racing gear (Ewe Infected Me, Just Larry) + beer bitch (Lickalotolpus)
Hashit nominations: All Holes Hoping for leaving his lovely wife for a month, Nice Snatch for losing Peace O’Chum’s key, Peace O’Chum for trusting Nice Snatch with anything, Ewe Infected Me for losing the hashit, being unable to pronounce Tubslut and other crimes, Lickalotopus for not showing her tits, Prickly Bush for haring with a dainty red bag, hares for running out of flour and having to use baby powder.
By acclamation the Hashit was Prickly Bush.

[Trash Editor's note: We still didn't finish all that piss beer...]


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