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December 2002

Hash 105 - Pop My Cherry Plain State Park - Cherry Plain, NY

When: June 18, 2005
Where: Cherry Plain State Park
Hare: Peace O'Chum
Scribe: Write one!

Summary write up of The 105th running of the Halve Mein Hash House Harriers

Hounds: AHH, Dirtbag, Laurel and Hardly Running, Lickalotofpuss, McCavity, Touchdown Jesus, Pontius Penis, Bodsa, Ditch Bitch, THFKAD, Tubslut, Willy Wanker, Dr Queer, Dum Cumster, Sperm Bank, Stickley Bunz, Poptop, Poppasquat, Just Max, Just Dave (picked up on trail)

Virgins: Just Diane (Ditch Bitch), Just Meagan (Just Diane), Just Nayla (Dirtbag)

The Trail: Shiggy. Circular. Woods. The Blair Witch. A maze of ankle twisting shiggy, all alike. Bugs. One really fast virgin (Dirtbag was behind her). Naked People in a stream. Decent Draft beer in kegs. Barbeque. Milwaukee's Best. Miller Light.

Award Winners:

Hares: Peace O'Chum
FRB: McCavity (Shigariffic True trail), Bodsa (Shortcutting on the Road)
DAL: Dr. Queer (and when one Doctor drinks...and when one married couple drinks..and when one RA drinks..and when one GM drinks...well, you get the idea. Many of these down-downs were full hash socials)
Hashit: Sperm Bank (Licked schmegma off someone's toes)
Double Hashit: Sperm Bank (for putting the hashit DOWN with visitors around)
Just Diane - Had no idea what the square root of 69 was.
Just Meagan - "Would you get off if you on a bus full of lesbians?" "YES!"
Just Nayla - Demonstrated favorite sexual positon with THFKAD. "Flying butterfly", or "Inverted Lotus blossom", or something.
Naked in a stream: Tub Slut, Sperm Bank, Stickley Bunz, AHH, Lickalottapuss
99 runs: Dirtbag
90 runs: THFKAD (also 150 total runs)
75 runs: McCavity
50 runs: Laurel (Poptop drank in proxy)
40 runs: Peace O'Chum, Bodsa
30 runs: AHH, TDJ
25 runs: Pontius Penis


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