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December 2002

Hash 104 - Half Moon - Albany, NY

When: June 15, 2005
Where: Albany
Hares: Sperm Bank / Stickley Bunz
Scribe: Write one!

Summary write up of The 104th running of the Halve Mein Hash House Harriers, as the Halve-Mein Half-Mind Mid-Summer Mid-Week Half-Assed Half-Moon Hash Series continues:

Hounds: AHH, Comes in April, Peace O'Chum, Dirtbag, Laurel and Hardly Running, Lickalotofpuss, McCavity, Touchdown Jesus, Bodsa, Ditch Bitch, THFKAD, Just Bruce, Just Matt, Pontius Penis (arrived at circle)

Virgins: Just Kirk (Sperm Bank), Just Julie (Made herself come), Just Theresa (picked up on trail)

The Trail: Pre-Lube at Big House, $2 drafts. Trail went up hill to Capital, across Eagle to Madison, down to Broadway, under Hudson Riverfront bridge by Half Moon Mural, photo op and beer (well, Miller Light anyway) check at Half Moon ship, through Corning Preserve, over bridge, down Quackenbush Square (denied at the Pump Station), North on railroad tracks, back out to Broadway, to On-in at Thatcher Street Pub. Circle was conducted outdoors.

Award Winners:

Hares: Sperm Bank, Stickley Bunz
DAL: AHH and Lickalottapuss drank with him (and when one married couple drinks...)
Hashit: THFKAD (Ran through a false)
Just Julie (Double Click) - would get off on a bus full of lesbians
Just Kirk (Surrogate Sex) - Favorite sexual position is apparently watching Dirtbag hump Chum from the rear
Just Theresa (Pound On Trail) - can correctly identify a dollar bill. Must have been from all that stripping to pay for college.
10 runs: Ditch Bitch
30 runs: Stickley Bunz (and when one hare drinks...)
Same Shirt: Chum, Touchdown Jesus
R*cing Shirts: Just Matt, Just Bruce, Just Julie, Just Kirk, Just Theresa
Birthday: Ditch Bitch
Late Comer: Pontius Penis


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