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Why is there an expiration date on my sour cream container?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Saratoga Springs Halloween Run Hash Trash

Hares: Pubic Chin and Pigvomit

What a run! We had a vampire, priest, devil, mouse, Walker Texas Ranger, wrestler, Train engineer, Dirtbag wanabe, and a sheik, turned Karate Kid. The run, the best one we’ve had.

On the run we had to be sure not to “wake the dead” as we ran through the cemetery. Not too scary except for when I looked to my left and all I saw coming out of the dark was a man with his two dogs walking towards me. Didn’t think we would ever get out of the cemetery, but we did. Then on to the car dealership and some back roads. Pretty clever to put the check-point on the sewage drain. At the bowling alley a teenage girl was enthralled with our vampire and was telling how much she really loved him, boy what a loud mouth. A little confusion about trail and finally back on track, down behind McDonald’s, and on toward Broadway, and the infamous Caroline Street. Beer check was at the Ice House. FTF and NN Nate were the first to arrive at the beer check, NN Nate did as he was told by Father FTF and waited in the check point outside the door. Dirtbag arrived just as FTF was finishing his beer and FTF went outside to continue hounding. At the beer check, NN Jean and NN Uncle Tom were the last to cum (no surprise there.) FLG got his finger taste and wanted to catch up to F3 and get another finger taste. Some of us caught up with NN Nate and Father Fag where we saw a colonial ceremony that was thought to be a wedding. Father Fag wanted to marry the couple and F3 wanted to go inside and be the “entertainment”. But she decided that she was too busy entertaining those outside and continued on with the run. The trail got a little confusing as Pigvomit decided to be creative in his trail marking by putting a true trail, two dots of powder, and a back check, when will he ever learn. After a quick check by Dirtbag, true trail was attained and the pack was off thru the park, two quick check points and low and behold back to the start for the finish. It was the perfect A to A run. To no surprise, FTF was FRB. The rest of the gang followed him and then NN Uncle Tom finally came with NN Jean running a real close last. She’s probably glad she came at all. NN Jean gets to carry woody in one hand and stiffy in the other. Woo hoo!! Would love to have one in each hand. Hashit was passed to Pigvomit for being a lame ass hare for his creative trail marking. After a couple of beers, and a mouse was eaten, and the ranger was blown, we headed to Pizza Hut.

At Pizza Hut everyone satisfied their hunger and thirst, some a little more than others, some people couldn’t get satisfaction and couldn’t wait until they made it back to their vehicles for a little extra-curricular activity. Anyway excellent run and there will be even more extra-curricular activity after next run.



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