Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!
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When you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Cohoes Hash Trash

When: Oct 15, 00

Hare: Dirtbag

Another beautiful day for a run, especially for October. The sole hare was Dirtbag and he laid a crafty trail. Doing an immediate circle jerk, and up the steepest street in Cohoes, probably in the whole damn state of NY. With calves burning the pack was off and on their way to, too many checkpoints and back checks. All was going smoothly until a certain hasher felt nature calling, and announced to the whole pack that he was going to use the nearby woods as a toilet. Gee, Pigvomit, like we needed to know that. Fortunately nobody in the nearby houses was wiser to the deed, although I'm sure the stench was overpowering. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EAT THAT MAKES YOU STINK SO? Of course the pack wasn't standing still for this mess and continued on trail. Crossing the path of the Schenectady to Albany marathon, now these are some serious runners. Of course Flip-top Fag puffed his chest and sucked in his gut long enough to be sneered at by one of the serious female runners. Good thing he didn't have to stay on the course for very long, somebody would have had to perform CPR on him from the impending infarction. Some of the pack went past the turn on powder that was after the Beer Near and continued around to their car, come on McCavity, go back to last powder. Here is a note to hounds, use the pack arrow, not the hare arrow, that's all I've got to say about that. Of course Flip-top Fag was ever so glad that everybody had passed the powder that he raced No-name Don to the finish, and regained the title of FRB, for the 5th time. The pack stayed pretty tight except for the aforementioned Pigvomit, who happened to get lost, missing a back check marker. Fortunately we ran out of soda for the underage hashers that showed up today, so off to the store I went, picking up Pigvomit on the way. He had stopped a poor innocent stranger and accosted him with his stench until he gave up his cell phone so he could call me. I'm sure the stranger was pretty glad to see me come and claim him as one of ours.

At the finish down-downs were given for, FRB to Flip-top Fag. DAL to Pigvomit for his extended potty break, he received his crutch in a little parts bag. I don't know how all that wood fit into such a small bag. I guess Flip-top Fag couldn't catch all the chips coming out of the chipper. Anyways the crutch is a lot easier to carry now. We had 3 new boots; Sarah's sister No-name Heather. Her boyfriend and Pigvomits cousin No-name Nate. Then there was Sugar Mama's friend No-name Don. Welcome to the Hash, I hope you all enjoyed the run and return soon. Just remember to bring whistles. We had a five time runner, so therefore a namer, that was Sarah. After a lot of thought and some lame names from Pigvomit and the rest of the crowd, No-name Don came up with the name of Frustrated Felatiating Flasher for her, or better known as F cubed. After much conjecturing and discussing and f-youing the Hashit was passed to Dirtbag for running the poor HHH through the middle of a real running event, kind of bogus, seeing as how the only way I'd know it was the weekend for the race would be for me to be one of these serious runners. Oh well I won't be a whiner, I'll just carry it proudly into the new year. I don't like to share what is rightfully mine, (how else did I get a name like Dirtbag).

Until next time:

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


Hash Scribe Du Jour: Dirtbag

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