Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!
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What do they use to ship styrofoam?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Latham Hash Trash

September 30th

Hare: Dirtbag

Pseudo Hare: GoodTime 375

I may be a fairly new hasher but since when does driving from the on-on to the down-down make you a hare? (Note from GM: She marked the last mile and a half, then brought the beer van to the finish.) The run was very long but was a good one. We all got lost at one of the first check points and also got yelled at by two people here too. But PopTop made things all right with the one guy…bowed down and kissed his “feet.” This seemed to make the two of them “Happy” again. I guess this sudden case of happiness must have been the secret to PopTop suddenly being a front running hound. Maybe next time I will shag on the trail and then I can be up front. Sound good to any other hasher? (Certain one NOT in mind.) For a while Pigvomit and Sugar Mama were DAL together and rumor has it that there was a “FLASH” involved. Come on Sugar Mama, share with all the rest of us at the down-down. Do you dare to compare? Someone likes them small, but does he think the smaller the better, or will he not be able to judge which he likes more? Guess we’ll need to see at the next down-down.

Our FRB was, nope not Flip Top Fag, but for once it was D2 and Pubic Chin. DAL was none other than the most deserving one of all, Flip Top Fag. What a shame it will be to see him carry his mop and the crutch. Aww what a pity!! Four words for you…Sucks to be you! Pigvomit had to drink a down-down for his pathetic whining like a little kid. Think little kids know better about whining than he does. So in order to shut him the hell up we let him choose who he would pass the ha-shit to. However, under one condition…he got renamed. So the ha-shit was passed to NNSarah as his little way to get back at her for picking on him at the on-on. Poor baby can’t handle being picked on…Aww!! As for his names,.crayola cock and premie e-jack didn’t fit quite right for him, so we let him keep the name of Pigvomit. But beware that the next time you pull shit like your whining again, your name will be the first to go and then you will have to suffer the consequences and you won’t like them. However, we did have a real namer…Ken Labelle. We came up with names such as Mary Lou, Paper Bitch, Male practice, but these wouldn’t do the job. So from this day on Ken Labelle will be know as…FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD. MMM…MMM Good. We had two new hashers this run; they were McCavity from Scotland and Dianna from Syracuse. There was also a large swarm of bees sharing in the down-down refreshments, and a couple of foolhardy hashers ended up getting stung. Not only was there shagging on the run, but there was a whole lotta shagging after the down-down. Before the down-down D2 wouldn't give Clarence the time of day, however after the down-down she became the bitch in heat. Clarence and D2 were going at it like crazy. Clarence couldn’t get enough of D2 and from the looks of it D2 couldn’t get enough tongue from Clarence either. What do you give these dogs; perhaps you could share so us female hashers could get some tongue or some roughness. But not from dogs either, humans will do just fine. Can’t say much more about the down-down because the “good girl” was there. So the next trash will be better cuz the bad ass is coming back.

Until the next run; some advice, be as bad as you can, you only live once!

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!

NN Sarah (until next run)

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