Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!
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If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Mariaville Middle of No Where Hash Trash

Hares: NN Ken L., Dirtbag

Sep 9, 00

Well talk about a lucky number 7. First of all the hares were No Name (but soon to have one that freakiní wanker) Ken Labelle, and the infamous Dirtbag the man, the myth, the legend (in his own mind). These two guys claim that they did not pre-lay this friggin trail, but I beg to differ. (GM note: Of course we pre-marked a certain amount, but at least we didn't BASH the whole thing!!) Those two like to "lay" a lot of people, oops, I mean things. Itís no wonder why these two laid the trail together. Just not sure which got laid more, NN Ken and Dirtbag, or the trail. (Note from RA, certainly not the two hares!) Well maybe not the hares, but they sure do wish that they did. But hell, so did some of the other hounds.

There isnít much to say about the very shiggy run except that there was a whole lotta mud. All the mud made a certain hound very horny, and outta control asking everyone to roll around in the mud with him. However, Sugar Mamma, Amiee, and Sarah turned down the offers from Pigvomit. After his disappointment with 3 rejections, he turned to Colby and asked for a little "doggie style". Poor Pigvomit, he was rejected once again. But some of us canít figure out why he was asking the females, after all he and Flip Top Fag were alone in the front for quite some time before the rest of the hounds caught up to them. Must be that Flip Top Fag isnít as good as we thought he would be. Sorry Flip Top. L Maybe some practice will do you some good because as they say, "Practice makes perfect!"

The Down-Down was at the hand-made, oops, I mean man-made lake. Flip Top Fag was the FRB, no surprise there as this was his 4th time as FRB. We know what makes him run so fast, he wants to get to the Down-Down for his ďhomosexual quickieĒ with the hares. No wonder why he doesnít like to hang around the girls. Sugar Mamma was DAL just so she can check out all of our asses as we run. Donít blame her. I can see why you have to be DAL on a couple of occasions, itís hard to tell who has the best ass. Weíll talk later about who we have in mind. Pigvomit decided to get payback at Sugar Mamma for rejecting him on the run. However, his hard effort failed. For his bullshit, he got the Hashit. What a shame, couldnít have gone to a more deserving person. Some day youíll learn not to start shit with women especially women hashers. We will hash and thrash you. Well this time we had the honor of naming two hashers. First there was Amiee. We considered several names until we came upon the best fitting name. Because the guys always see her phone extension on the bathroom wall at work looking for some "fun", from now on Amiee will be know as "Good-time 375." Colby (Amieeís dog) was also named. Since Colby is rarely seen hanging around the guys at the Down-Down (and everywhere else), we question her sexuality. So from now on Colby will be know as D2 (also know as Dyke ní Dog.) Once the rain began, we headed on up to NN Kenís house. Again, Flip Top Fag was alone with another male hasher. This time it wasnít Pigvomit (surprisingly) it was Pop Top. The smiles on their faces showed that something happened while they were alone. We can only wonder. At Kenís house we had a "group event" in the hot tub. Some enjoyed it more than others, and all I have say to those that didnít enjoy it - itís your loss and my gain.

Until next time! "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."


NN Sarah

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