Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!
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What was the best thing before sliced bread?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Indian Meadows Hash Trash

Hares: Ken "Flip-top Fag Bikowicz, Dirtbag

Story !!! Holy Hell Fired Shit!!! Tell us about it mother f*cker!!! This hash had to be the best hash I have been on to date. The whole ride down to Halfmoon my cousin no Name Jeremy and I were getting pounded with a torrential down pour of rain, I knew that this run was gonna be full of shiggyness.

First we pulled into the on-on and god damn it was a nice place to do a run. I just about dumped the beater "Sarahís Corsica" into a ditch in the parking lot but hey what the hell. The hares were Dirtbag and Ken B. no news there as far as Dirtbag goes, he is ready to hound a bit I can tell. Ken B. on the other hand was haring for the first time. I was at first impressed until I found out he had grown up in the area and it was his old stomping ground.

We had yet more virgins to add to the hash. First it was No name Jeremy my cousin also from So. Glens Falls and then No name Bruce Allman another damn choo-choo guy jeez. I guess Bruceís sponsor Dirtbag didnít coach him very well cause this guy was wearing a brand new pair of shoes!!! Ugly as hell, but brand new. Ha Ha!! I Joke Bruce. (Note from GM: Not joking, ugly shoes!!)

Amiee and Colby both were on the scene and Colby was ready to rock (this dog had more energy than a can of friggin Jolt!!!!) After a bit of Father Abraham Hashersize, Hares!!! AWAY!!! And there off Dirtbag took a generous lead over the first time hare Ken, who forgot the damn flour HOW CAN YOU LAY A TRAIL WITHOUT FLOUR???? He realized his mistake and promptly returned for the flour.

We all waited patiently and soon enough we gave chase. With Amiee and Colby leading the way we all trudged our way through the park. Behold we were running toward and onto Rt 50. Dirtbag and his damn check-backs FYI Take the damn chalk away from this guy. He laid the trail then put a true trail arrow toward the opposite direction!!!(Note from GM: Go straight with the arrow until you hit powder, duh!). I have never seen this before. No wonder why he received the Hashit!!!! HA HA HA..

The trail was well laid past a church and believe me we all received some dirty looks from the bible thumpers. After getting temporarily lost on Route 50 we picked up another hasher some 14 year old kid named Ryan (He chose to Bash = Bicycle Hashing). On On. After climbing a huge hill we found Kenís car and behold a beer check. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Cold frothiness could not prepare us for the hell that we faced next. A Friggin Shiggy swamp I LOVED IT. I was knee deep in mud and god knows what else. BTW I am recovering from a mild case of POISON IVY. THANX KEN!!!

After trudging through the swamp we found ourselves in Kens parents back yard. Oh yeah June decided to Zen in the swamp and was tit high in shigginess. HA HA HA. On to the down-down DAL was a surprise June, FRB was Ken L. and Amiee received the Hashit for her not showing up at the previous run. We all know about the New boots already and the new shoes. We had a few namers this run June and Ken B. For Ken the names were all good and all seemed to revolve around his sudden case of hair growth. We had names like Ragtop Ranger, Rogaine Ranger and Brag a Bit finally henceforth and forevermore in HMHHH he is know as FLIP TOP FAG!!!!. June I apologize doll I had a lot of inputs on your name we had Welding Wench, Broomhilda, Hildegard, Senior Sitter and finally the name you will be known by SUGAR MOMMA!!! I personally like it. Before the rain could ruin the fun we all decided that DIRTBAG would receive the Hashit for his god damn check-back. I feel I good down-down coming on for him at South Glens Falls. Well thatís all I can remember so there ya go guys. See ya in a few weeks.


"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large Groups"

"Head who said head!!! Iíll take some of that!!! And it was great and there was much rejoicing and we fucked for hours!!! Up in the trees shrubs and flowers, like Vikings with horns on our heads Arghhh!!!"

Hash Scribe Stand in and not a good one at that


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