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Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Welcome to the Halve Mein HHH home page.

2015 CoMingled Fluids Hash in Utica, NY
Hashing Doesn't Suck

On-On! Come join us for a run and a cold one!!

We are located in Southern Saratoga County and currently run every 2-3 weeks throughout the year. We will sponsor runs anywhere within an hour of the Capital region and further, if it sparks interest.

Anyone interested in hashing and would like to try it - come on out! Your first run is on the hash (thats right free, gratis, no money, just your time, you won't be disappointed)

Next Run (Updated 1/31/15):

HARES NEEDED! The 2016 Hash Calendar has been posted! Plenty of open dates. If there is a specific weekend or date that you want, now is the time to grab it! Step up! Check it out on the Upcoming Runs page

What: 520 Shadow Rat Hash
When: Wednesday, February 3, 6PM
Hare: Little Wang Theory
Where: Dee Dee's Tavern Google: 647 Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham, NY 12110

Next on the docket: Little Wang Theory will give us a rip roaring trail this Wednesday night. Come on out and play! The hare tells the following lies:
- Shiggy (possibly *easy* water crossings)
- Treats
- Tits 'n' Bush (beyond the standard Halve Mein titties)
- preferably indoor prelube, beer check, and circle.
Not promised:
- Flour

It's a frickin' heatwave! Almost 50 degrees predicted on Wednesday. Also... wet. Uglies go bump in the night in the winter time! Cold, dark, blah blah blah. Layer up and bring a whistle and a cranium light. Hash cash is as always...5 bucks.

What: 521 Lake George Winter Carnival Hash
When: Saturday, February 6, 12PM
Hare: PigF*cker
Where: Duffy's Tavern Google: 20 Amherst Street, Lake George, NY 12845

We'll travel up to Lake George for the annual not-so-much-winter carnival hash. Outhouse Races start at Noon. Not sure where they will have them, so stay flexible. We'll meet at Duffy's (upstairs) after the races for libations and then we'll chase Piggy around some more. Probably no hash cash, just pay as you go.

We've cum to the end of another fun Hashtobeer season. 8 Hashers earned themselves a 25% discount off their NURD 2016 Regos by attending every single hash. They are: Hymen DickedOver, Jizzknee Gland, Jizz Hands, Dirtbag, Sexhibitionist, Willy Wanker, DeciBelle and PigF*cker. Congratulations, fuckers.

"From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere."
- Dr. Suess

Newest Trashes (Updated 10/30/15):

Ever wonder what it's like when the pack is snared by the hare? Hash scribe Moans Aloan describes the feeling in this retelling of Tap Dat Ass's birthday Hash 506

Ever wonder what it's like to do trail completely alone? Hash scribe Moans Aloan lived up to her name and scrawled this send up of the Jizz Family Robinson's recent trail, Hash 504

Since the 500th Hash is a special event, Little Wang Theory and Moans Aloan double teamed us with trashes from both ends of the pack. Check them out 500th Run

Stand in Hash scribe Moans Aloan was able to type most of this while riding her bike during this years BASH

Hash scribe Little Wang Theory took his hands out of his shorts long enough to scribble a trash for Run #482, Blow it out your Kazoo Hash

Hash scribe Little Wang Theory bought a map and a dictionary and takes the piss out of the hash in this weeks send up of run Run #484, Chinese New Year Hash

Hash scribe Little Wang Theory got off your Mom long enough to mumble a trash for Run #485, Spring Forward! Hash

Hash scribe Little Wang Theory pretended he actually came to a hash and wrote this send up of our St Patty's Day-ish trail. So easy, even a monkey can do it: Run #486

Stand In Hash scribe PigFucker farted out this one for your weekend pleasure: Run #487, April Foolish Hash aka Sperm Bank's Redemption Hash

Lyrics to "Titanic" posted on the Songs page.

Did you know? You can also access this webpage by using the URL This makes giving our address to drunk people so much easier!

Our Mailing List is active. You can sign up to receive run notices/directions/anything we feel you might need to be notified about.

If you have previously hashed and would like to hare a run, please contact the Web Master. Or just surprise us and show up at the run. We love surprises! Just follow the directions on the Upcoming Runs Page.

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