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If you throw a cat out a car window does it become kitty liter?
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Welcome to the Halve Mein HHH home page.

Hashing Doesn't Suck

On-On! Come join us for a run and a cold one!!

We are located in Southern Saratoga County and currently run every 2-3 weeks throughout the year. We will sponsor runs anywhere within an hour of the Capital region and further, if it sparks interest.

Anyone interested in hashing and would like to try it - come on out! Your first run is on the hash (thats right free, gratis, no money, just your time, you won't be disappointed)

Next Run (Updated 1/26/15):

HARES NEEDED! The 2015 Hash Calendar has been posted! Plenty of open dates. If there is a specific weekend or date that you want, now is the time to grab it! Step up! Check it out on the Upcoming Runs page

What: Blow it Out Your Kazoo Hash
When: Wednesday, January 28, 6PM
Where: Mulligan's, Google: 6 Round Lake Rd. Ballston Lake, New York
Hare: Assman Cumeth / Mount My Hams

This week's hash will go off from Mulligan's. Now the last time we ran here, there was a lot of damn snow. If the Nor'Easter they are promising us really does hit, then there will be again, a lot of damn snow. We got Assman Cumeth hare raising Mount My Hams. They just travelled to the POOF Hash together, so who knows what evil they have thought up. Of course, we all know what happens with virgin hares and grand schemes. Two words: Shit show? Be ready for it.

Even though it's getting lighter out, you'll still need to carry some portable sun. Dress warmly. Hash cash is still 5 bucks.

“From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere.”
- Dr. Suess


We hope you all had a fantastic time! Thank you all for cumming, and we hope to see you and more of your friends NEXT YEAR!

Wikipedophilia wrote up a Hash Trash, and we have posted it here:  NURD XI Trash

Lyrics to "Titanic" posted on the Songs page.

Did you know? You can also access this webpage by using the URL This makes giving our address to drunk people so much easier!

Newest Trashes (Updated 1/21/14):

DeciBelle scribbled up a trash for Run #446 Screw Year Hash

Our Mailing List is active. You can sign up to receive run notices/directions/anything we feel you might need to be notified about.

If you have previously hashed and would like to hare a run, please contact the Web Master. Or just surprise us and show up at the run. We love surprises! Just follow the directions on the Upcoming Runs Page.

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