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With the Boston Hashers promising to reclaim him at a Halvemein Hash on January 31st the skull took the opportunity for an extended Xmas vacation to the Pacific Northwest and Montana.

Northeastern weather in the northwest
Meeting the natives
The skull in Portland
Flathead Lake and Big Sky
Hash dad meets the skull

Despite the many attractions available in that part of the country, the Trailblazers, rain, big sky, ice fishing, rain, more ice fishing, militia groups, more sky, more ice fishing and the freakin' Jailblazers the draw of the Northeast where the sports teams win and there is a summer prevailed: the skull returned to Albany.

There was also the attraction of more winter sun with a trip to Grenada. After checking out the Patriots win in the AFC title game the skull settled down for a week of sun, sea and beer. He may not have managed to tan his porcelain complexion, but he wowed the ladies with his fine physique on the beach and met many new friends over a beer.

Come and get me ladies!
More beer, more beer, more beer, more beer..............
Meeting local friends
Only the finest sea view room for this skull

Suitably rejuvenated the skull flew back to Albany, with only an unfortunate baggage delay causing him to spend 24 hours with his head in close proximity to a bag of dirt underwear. Then more bad news greeted his return, the Boston Hashers had once again found a lame excuse to delay their journey to Albany. He would have to watch the game with a neutral New York audience rather than his fellow Patriots fans.

The Albany Hash rendezvous for the superbowl
Homer and the skull trade workout and diet ideas
The unfortunate "skull is mistaken for donut" moment
The skull can barely watch as his team falls behind
Getting in Bill Belichick's face

With victory secured the skull discussed "return to Boston" options and decided on a trip to scout out the city and the quality of the hashettes, followed a week later by a plunge in Burlington and a tearful reunion.

Back Bay
The Park
On Boston Common

Disappointment greeted the skull in Burlington when he discovered that in a bout of penny-pinching worthy of the Red Sox (you didn't think we could resist an A-Rod blast did you?) the tight fisted Bostonians were keeping their money for beer and no-one would be plunging with their skull. A worthy band of Burlington hashers would accompany Dr Queer and the skull however in team "These Bunny Ears Do Not Enhance My Manhood".

There are advantages to being plastic, for soon after the plunge a delighted No Vacancy was finally given the skull, and he was very relieved that the reunion was not spoiled by having to explain any embarassing shrinkage. No Vacancy was taking no chances and after appearing at the Hash rendezvous bar he was kept under lock and key so nothing would interupt his triumphant Beantown return.

Halvemein and Burlington Hashers.....but where are the Bostonians?
The plunge team
Plunge pool
Approaching the water (23% on the shrinkage meter)
We're in!!!!!!!!......... (off the scale shrinkage)
..........and out!!!!!!! (aaaaarrrgghhhh!!!)
The skull and No Vacancy are finally reunited
A touching reunion
Take me home baby!!!!!!!
Hey, will they notice if we steal this cat??
The Irish Harriettes are still welcome to sit here

The End

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