Part 1

Back in New York there were developments in the negotiations as Master Gator made another offer:

Perhaps you didn't receive my earlier email. I've considered your demands very carefully and I'm prepared to give you an answer. You can have my answer now if you like. My offer is this - nothing. Not even the postage necessary to return the numbskull, which I'd appreciate if you would put up personally.

Or even better, hand deliver it to me at the New England Red Dress (NERD) Run next weekend. But register quickly. The max number is close to being reached. We have over 60 registered and will need to close registrations at 80. The registration page, in case you don't have it memorized, is www.velvis.net/nerd There is a link to email Shine On Harvard Moon for possible crash space.

Bring the Numbskull back to Boston! We miss her horribly. Your demands were far too aggressive. We couldn't possibly meet them. And even if we could, there's no way in hell we're giving up the Irish girls. You can have a sheep if you want, I guess. She's been around the block a few times, but she's got a little life left in her. You can have the Jizz Mopper too. Now there's an offer you can't refuse.

Master Gator"

The tone was a little more concilliatory but after consultation with the skull during a Hash in the woods he decided to take the option of a flight to adventure in the southern hemisphere. An unexpected smokescreen was provided at this stage when a confusionist with no connection to the SLA posted pictures of a skull lookalike in England, further masking the true identity of the kidnappers of Numbskull 14.

"The numbskull looks quite happy, it's obviously being treated well... I don't know why anyone here should be concerned...



"i would agree with you. i am certain that the numbskull is being treated much better and undoubtedly more respect than it would ever get if it were in boston. the skull is getting a european tour complete with color photos. were it here now, it would be at best lost in the back corner of some unknown hasher's closet gathering dust.

it is obviously very nice of those who are taking care of the numbskull to send back pictures of how well it is being treated.

let's just hope they don't send us a bill for the trip.


No expense was spared as the skull toured Equador. He hung out with giant turtles and iguanas, stopped by the equator and enjoyed the fresh air of the Andes.
Back in the US it was time to party and Hash, but with no local run imminent an undercover group from the SLA headed out to Boston for the NERD: the skull would see what he had escaped. Alcohol had obviously dulled the senses of the Boston Hashers as they failed to notice a familiar face in the crowd.
Now in full on party mode and disappointed by the lame drinking abilities of the Beantowners, the skull demanded to be taken to the biggest party possible: the Army-Navy game. Despite blizzards and high winds a small posse made it through to Philadelphia where the skull again enjoyed the hospitality of his new owners.
Tailgating skullstyle
The skull cheers on Army, while a Hasher can't keep up with the partying pace
However, despite all the fun he was missing something. He missed the Sox fans whining, the delusions that the Patriots could keep winning, the bad drivers and the Irish women. Most of all the Irish women. So in the spirit of Xmas the Skull Liberation Army, AKA the Halvemein HHH say to the Boston HHH:
Though the skull now pines for a return to Boston, no opportunity to party is ever missed:

Part 3

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