Halve Mein H3 and SOH4 Proudly Invites You to Join Us for the TWENTIETH KNURD! JUNE 21-23, 2024

The (K)Northeastern Unofficial Run for Drunks (KNURD) is a weekend event at a 200 acre camp ground near Albany, New York. (Sorry, there's still a no pet policy. The Girl Scouts apparently hate dogs.)

This year's theme is THE WHORING TWENTIES! Think gangsters and flappers and fedoras!

The camp features pavilions, a lake, trees, and bathrooms (rustic). As far as crash space goes, we have plenty of room at the campsite for tents. However, if you don't own a tent, there is limited lodge space on a first cum, first served basis. Expect to share the lodges with others.

We're all adults, and if you for any reason think that you may have been exposed to, or are asymptomatic for COVID-19, then you should think twice about attending this event. We will be following the NYS Guidelines as best we can. Anal swabs for the lot of you at registration. What? No, the swabs have nothing to do with COVID screening. Why do you ask?

Stuff to Bring:
Antibiotics. Bug Spray. Tent and Camping Gear. Appetite. Thirst.

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Friday Night - June 21

Hares: SOH4's Band of Merry Wanksters
Location: Camp Woodhaven, Google: 2015 Alexander Rd, Galway, NY 12074
Time: 8:00PM
Hotline: 413-281-5643

(3PM) Camp Opens to KNURDers. Kegs tapped.
(3-6PM) Set up yer tent. Opening Ceremonies (traditional wheelchair dumping.) Play on Whore Dock (6-8PM) Some sort of food. Pasta, they said. Bring something if you want something different. It's casual.
(8PM) As darkness falls, we'll have a good old fashioned Camp Crawl to help you get familiar with the digs. As we explore, the SOH4 Crewe promises to slake your thirsts along the way.

(10PM) Pants Off, Dance On / Regrettable Hookups
(12PM) UGH


Camp Wood Haven is located just off Sacandaga Road, Rte 147 at 2017 Alexander Road. (Sacandaga Road, Rte 147, runs North from Scotia, NY and ends at Rte 29.)
From the South: Take the Northway, Rte 87 to exit 12 at Rt. 67. Take Rt. 67 West to Rt. 147 (Sacandaga Rd.). Turn Right on Rte 147. Go North on Rt. 147 (through the Village of Galway) to Alexander Road on right. Turn Right on Alexander Road. Entrance to Wood Haven is on the left.
From the North: Take the Northway, Rt. 87 to exit 16 at Rt. 50. Go south on Rt. 50 to downtown Saratoga Springs. Turn right on Rt. 29. Take Rt. 29 west to Rt. 147. Turn Left on Rte 147 and proceed south to Alexander Road. Turn Left on Alexander Road. Entrance to Wood Haven is on the left.
From East or West: Take best route to Rt. 67 and go North on Rt. 147, or take Rt. 29 & go South on Rt. 147 and proceed as above.

Saturday - June 22

(K)Northeastern Unoffical Run for Drunks
Eagle and Turkey Trail Hares: Willy Wanker / Whoever we can trick into it
Walking Trail Hares: TBA
Location: At the Kegs
Hotline: 518-265-0711
(8-10AM) Breakfast (if you get up way frigging early, then have a bagel or something. Geez. It's the weekend. You obviously didn't drink enough.)
(11AM) Drunks go Run! Hash
(1PM) Lunch and Games
(5PM) Games presented by SOH4's Band of Merry Wanksters / Maybe a Beer Mile?
(6PM) Dinner
(8PM) Circle
(Post Circle PM) Pants Off, Dance On / Foolishness
(12PM) UGH

Sunday - June 23

Recovery Walk / Circle & Get on Out
Hares: Whoever's awake
Location: The Kegs

(8-10AM) Breakfast. If you are up early, go take a shower. Geez. You sorta stink.
(11AM) Recovery Walk / Goodbye Circle / Kick the Kegs / Cartwheels / Whoredocking

Camp Clean up/Pack up/Annulments/Bail Postings/Confession/Returning the stolen animals/Reorienting yourself to real life
Hotline: 518-265-0711

IMPORTANT PAYPAL CHANGE: Because of the new tax laws, it is very important that you go to PayPal and pay us as "Friends and Family". Send Paypal payment to halvemeinhash@gmail.com. We have set up a whole new PayPal account because of this, and closed our old account. Use the link below to be taken to our PayPal.Me link, and please enter your Hash Name in the comment field. I know you want to be cute and put sexual favors and so forth, but hashes have been shut down and had their money taken because of this. So, resist the temptation. Be naughty at the camp.