Halve Mein Proudly Invites You to Join Us for the FIFTEENTH KNURD!

This year, KNURD stands for the (K)Northeastern Unofficial Run for Drunks! We're sticking with this one now!

No need to trouble yourself with a Red Dress or even leaving camp. Time for a shiggy trail!

We got ourselves a 400 acre camp site, a lot of beer, and a desire to get you drunk! Do you love us?

Lost? Confused? Call PigF*cker at (518) 265-0711 / email pf@hmhhh.com

-318 days, 21 hours, 29 minutes, 32 seconds to go!

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KNURD Registration Form

The (K)Northeastern Unofficial Run for Drunks (KNURD) is a weekend event at a 400 acre camp ground (Sorry, there's still a no pet policy. The Girl Scouts apparently hate dogs.) As far as crash space goes, we have plenty of room at the campsite for tents. However, if you don't own a tent, there is lodge space and canvas tents on a first cum, first served basis.

Underneath it all, we humans are really a bunch of animals. We react to our base instincts in ways that are no better than a sex-crazed monkey, a rutting horse, or a randy lion stalking the Serengeti. Anthropologist Clifford Geertz once said "man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun." We belong in a zoo. Or maybe a pound. Thus, we're calling this weekend poundmetoo. No need to come up with a costume for Friday's camp crawl. We'll take care of that for you, ya filthy animal. It's time for the animals to speak!

Hash Name:   
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Nerd Name:   
Address:         (Street, City, State, Zip)

I will run the following trail:    

My culinary preference is:      

I'll be staying in a :   
I'm sleeping at camp on Friday :
I'm sleeping at camp on Saturday :
If you would prefer to stay in a hotel so you and your livestock of choice can get freaky-deaky and not be bothered by snoring, UGHs, or soggy pancakes, please indicate hotel. We may be able to wrangle some discounted rates, or we'll just give you a phone number.
I'll stay in a Hotel :

My preferred ONESIE Size is:    

Amount enclosed: $100 if postmarked/paid by April 30th / $120 thereafter including day of. Send Paypal payment to payments@hmhhh.com or make checks payable to: Halve Mein HHH [98 Van Dyke Drive South, Rensselaer, NY 12144]

** Note: Registration fee is based on the date you actually *pay*, not the date you sign up. For example, if you sign up now but do not pay until you waltz into sign in, then you will be charged the day of rate. **

Registration fee includes Haberdashery, ID Tag, a freaking 400 acre camp ground all to ourselves with kegs of beer and food, A Shiggy Run, Trail Beer, Circle beer, Food & Beer at Camp all weekend long, Dance Off, Beer Mile, Goofy Games, Whore Docking, Spontaneous UGH’s, Self guided nature walks.

Please note, there is a $2 handling fee added to PayPal transactions.

I understand that my consent to these provisions is given in consideration for being permitted to participate in this event. I am aware of, and voluntarily assume, the risks of participating in this event. If I am injured, I agree that I will not sue, or otherwise hold responsible, The Halve Mein Hash House Harriers (HMHHH), or any affiliated individuals. I am responsible for myself and my own actions. So, if I get hurt, it is my own damned fault! I also understand that my REGISTRATION FEE is NON-REFUNDABLE. If I have to lame out and miss the awesome time that is KNURD, it will be up to me to sell my registration myself.

I agree to this :

My method of payment is : to payments@hmhhh.com

No matter how you are going to pay, fill out this form and hit the register button first. You will be given an option to pay on the next screen. It is important to Pre-register so that we can order haberdashery, food, beer, supplies, prophylactics, antibiotics, etc.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact pf@hmhhh.com